3 Minutes Trailer to Remember your Best Trip


I’ve been working with Adobe Premier program since 2015. I basically remember installing it somewhere in 2014 (actually my bf did because I suck at tech)..but I’m a bit lazy, not very fond of complex new programs and didn’t learn it right away. What determined me to work with it and learn more was the day I erased by mistake all my short videos from YouTube (created with youtube tools..I know..horror work). I even cried a bit. I promised myself to create better ones in Premier and never use YouTube again for video editing work. Vacations passed and with every trip I had, I’ve learned new skills and made better videos every time. Lately I had some requests on making some short films for others and I selfishly refused. I thought I’ll only enjoy doing mine but I soon realized I would stay days in front of the computer, editing visuals or sounds no matter the kind or who they belong to.

So I made up a plan to help you get the trip-trailer you want with a low budget, keep me busy with work on Premier and still managing to pay the bills. Here is my offer:

I will create for anyone who sends me their videos, a 3 minutes trailer of their trip/vacation/city-break/event. In return, they would pay a symbolic amount, starting $10. For the trailer I will need the videos filmed by yourself, with your phone, GoPro or camera; no more than 30 pieces to pick from, because I intend to finish it within a week and for sure you want it even faster than that. This way I’m motivated to learn new effects every day and still do something useful for someone and not just for myself.

So don’t hesitate to write me an email on contact@ralucagheorghe.com asking for the trailer of your last vacation! Bring them on!:)

*Check out my latest videos here: https://vimeo.com/ralucagheorghe

Romania’s Social-Democrat Party F**ked Up My Valentine’s Day Article

I had the Valentine’s Day article ready to be posted on my blog weeks ago, when I thought the protests will be over and the leaders of our country will go back to better senses. It seems  I have to re-write it now because I don’t feel it’s right to talk about anything else instead of the problems of the country I live in, about the future we are all afraid of. I don’t write often on my blog and instead of the classic love article for Vday, I plan to write about love but in a different manner..

To hear that your new government secretly made changes in the Penal Code, on a Tuesday night, it’s not easy. I was stunned. No one could really believe this was actually happening. We went straight to the streets protesting that night. In days we got bigger, 600.000 people all around Romania protested against the changes. I wasn’t able to draw, paint or do anything else for days. I just watched the news, went to protests, sleep and pray the new day will bring conciliation. I had clients writing me from around the world asking what happened with the protests, if we are ok, if there is hope?

Wikipedia wrote: “In January 2017, days after the government of the Grindeanu Cabinet was sworn into office in Romania, protests took place throughout the country against ordinance bills that were proposed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice regarding the pardoning of certain committed crimes, and the amendment of the Penal Code of Romania (especially regarding the abuse of power).[3]Despite the negative reactions from both the judicial institutions and the public, the newly sworn-in government secretly[4]approved an ordinance modifying the Penal Code and Penal Procedure Code during the night of 31 January…”

The BBC and other nations news reporters were with us in the Victory Square, the foreign ambassadors sent messages to the Romania’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) to think again and withdraw the changes. But it seems nothing can make Liviu Dragnea, the leader of the PSD take action. It’s been 13 days of protesting..

I’ll also leave here a part of the old article I’ve worked on. I just added some notes in brackets so it’s relevant to what happens today in Romania:

They say our body is composed of an average of 60% water. In terms of tissue type, the body may be analyzed into water, fat, muscle, bone, etc. What you don’t see is what’s the most important part of a human being: the soul, our beliefs, our feelings(the PSD thinks we are like sheep, we should agree on everything and go with the flow, their decisions should not be contested on any way even when they are obviously wrong). We live in an era where we ended up fighting for our rights. The same we achieved many years ago (The Romanian revolution from 1989). The Women’s Marches who protested for their rights and for spreading the love and stop the hate and racism may have been the largest demonstration in US history. In Romania we have protested for justice as the loved ones, to grow up in a country with a fair leading, surrounded with love, justice and not hatred. Every year around February 14th I hear questions like “why do you celebrate this thing?/ You need one day to love your man more than you do every day?/ Why should we celebrate the American holiday?/ Why don’t you celebrate this on Dragobete, our traditional lovers day?” I got blamed for celebrating love, every year on February 14th. Can you believe that?

Every occasion given in this world for showing any kind of affection on anyone, you should take advantage of. Do you know what are the most common regrets of the dying? They wish they have had the courage to express their feelings more often. Blaming others for celebrating Valentine’s day you actually, in the name of love, take hatred as a weapon. You are free to choose if you want or not to celebrate anything but why judging the people who does? You can die the day before Dragobete comes, you can day on the day you protest against the corruption, you can die today. Celebrate love today, on Vday, on Dragobete or anytime you want. Stop sharing hate on Vday(and go protesting in the Victory Square)!   #rezist #romania

Photo Credits: Mihai Angiu

Top 11 Reasons Why Mondays Are Awesome


Since I was a kid I was always wondering, why the big fuss about Mondays? Why everybody hates it so much. As soon as I grew up and started working, I noticed on most of the people that the weekends are used for relaxing and doing all sorts of fun activities. Monday was that day that spoiled all the fun. With technology nowadays, people are sharing the drama all over the place. Socializing platforms are full of depressing statuses and photos with sadly quotes all having in common the agony people face when starting the new week.

We got in a point where Monday seems to be responsible of the headaches, ruined lunches, coffee stains, flat tiers and so on. But why this common working day ended up being blamed on such things? I’m not going to lie and tell I always love to go to work on Mondays, for sure not in the freezing days of winter but doing what I love helps me keep my thumbs up for it.

I have plenty of reasons to think Monday is awesome and maybe you will change your mind after reading them.

1. Seeing People

As we already know, humans are social creatures. Seeing colleagues at work can be, at least for someone, a joy. They are great listeners when you have a good story to tell and they can be good advisers as well, when you’re in trouble. They tend to be more supportive on Monday than other days because they are less stressed out of office tasks.

2. Achievements

Never forget that every day passing by, gets you closer to the salary (or winter holidays or summer vacation). Monday is as good as Friday or Sunday but it’s even better because it’s the first one that reminds you that great achievements in life goes hand in hand with a lot of work. No one got successful by partying the whole week.

3. Show off

You haven’t spent half of the salary on your designer purse to keep it in the closet, right? Or on your new smart phone, mascara or the new fancy shoes. Even if you decide to parade with it at work or anywhere else, Monday it’s the best day to be seen. If you haven’t bought anything yet,  don’t panic. All the shops are open on Monday. A shopping session(of any kind) on Monday will keep your self confidence high through Friday. And if no one makes the effort to observe and compliment your “investment”, make sure you take a selfie and hashtag it #mondaysareawesome

4. Reading

If you haven’t got time to finish the book you planned to read, try Mondays. What can be nicer than starting the week with a chapter of your favorite book?

5. Save money

I like to call Mondays, “wallet friendly” days. Because it actually saves you money. If you decide to go out, just being Monday it’s a good reason to not stay too late for drinks because you have to work the very next day and because Mondays are sometimes full with leftovers Friday tasks.

6. Addictions

How many times you promised yourself to quit smoking, drinking, or any other bad habits? Monday is a good start to quit your bad addictions. Try to replace it with a good one. Like running or starting a course that improves your talent.

7. Helps the economy

Don’t be selfish and think only about yourself. Just for going out of your house on Monday morning, helps a lot. Think about all the coffee shop workers. Would they still have a job if Mondays were easier to break? Keep your mind awake and their salary running. Win-Win situation;)

8. Sharing

If you ate less than a sandwich the whole weekend(and all your salary), Monday has a big reason to be happy about. You definitely can find a colleague who is kindly enough to share his lunch with you.

9. Old friends

If you usually go by public transport, there are plenty of chances to meet someone you know. It’s a good way to start the week with some small talk with an old friend. If this doesn’t happen, call someone you haven’t talk with in a while. Mondays will look friendlier this way.

10. Keeps you company

Psychologists say that in difficult situations it’s better to have people around. Even if you are going through a break up or a loss of someone dear, after a weekend of mourning, a Monday at the office or somewhere else besides your home will do you good. A Monday gives you another perspective over tough situations. At work, you will be forced to focus on your to do list for the day. Having people around you, talking about nonsense things, might distract you from thinking on how unfair life is. Mondays do good. Mondays heals.

11. Pet upgraded love

If you go to work, after a full weekend spent with your dog, will make him think like you’ve abandoned him. He’ll love you more when you’ll come back. *The cat won’t give a damn either way.

If you don’t complain so much about it, Monday can be the best day of the week. Next time you think on sharing depressing quotes about it, think again. Because #mondaysareawesome

4 Things to Check Before Sending Any Files to Your Client


As a freelancer, any project is important. It doesn’t matter who the client is, it doesn’t even matter how much it pays you. We invest a considerable amount of time, resources and all the creativity we got for every step of the design process. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been haunted by a couple of questions long after I pressed the “send” button; Was that design the best I could do?  Was my concept exactly what the client needs and was it perfect for his business? Will I be proud of the graphic made when seen by the general public?

How do I know when my files are ready to be send for review?

As struggling with my inner doubts, I put together a list of 4 things to check before sending any files to the client. I hope it helps in your workflow as it did in mine, but also it aims to minimize the threats before sending anything though email or any other platform you work with. So, here they are:

  1. Review your research if necessary and read your brief carefully one more time. Read it again before sending the files because it might be surprising how you missed adding some mandatory details that could make you look like an unprofessional graphic designer in the client’s eyes)
  2.  Create more than what you are supposed to send. If you are asked to work on three versions you should definitely try out several more in your sketchbook/workspace, and if you consider to send an extra version to review..oh well, I haven’t heard anyone complaining about receiving more than it was expected.
  3.  A stressed mind never helped anyone or extended any deadlines. Besides the short breaks we take throughout the workflow, don’t forget about the absolutely necessarily break before sending the files (don’t play on the phone during the break but look outside, walk through the room, go through a magazine or drink water. Avoid any other displays) When you come back, you might see the design from another perspective.
  4.  When you reached to the final concept, before sending anything to the client, make a last tryout, something crazy you wouldn’t usually do. Be creative until the last seconds. Change the font to something bold or add some flashy colors. It doesn’t have to be included in the files set for the client. It’s more like a check point where you make peace with yourself and totally agree the designs prepared are the best you could come up with.

If this helped you get rid of the thoughts who kept you awake by night, now it’s the time to clear your mind and wait for the feedback and of course, embrace any request/change with an open heart.

Be flexible, creative, kind, and all the odds will be on your side on developing a long term relationship with your client.


A couple of weeks ago I’ve been asked by a girl what she should do to become a professional graphic designer like me. She said she learned Adobe Illustrator but,  what’s next?

How do you get projects, then how do you get MORE projects, how do you perfect your skills, how do you market yourself or how do you keep yourself inspired? There are a lot of questions and I have read many different answers along the years.

My conclusion? All the solutions provided have a common denominator: LEARNING.

I’ve understood that the learning process is never over. Learn and practice. These two goes hand in hand to perfect any skills you have. But learning is the main one. You know how to draw? Learn how to draw better! You know Adobe Illustrator to perfection? Learn how to emphasize your vectors with Photoshop effects!

As a beginner in graphic design, first of all you should accept your status and prepare for the worst. Prepare to make mistakes, to design badly, to receive discouraging feedback. Prepare to learn from your mistakes.

Be updated

Be up to date with any website, blog, platform, event, release or software related to the industry you are part of. You should be the first one to find out for example a new pen for the craziest graphic tablet is released. You should meet people like you, go to meetings, conferences, or a friendly lunch with creative people. Be kind, share your work, accept feedback, learn how to ask useful questions to the right people and most important, learn to listen.

Your Facebook, Twitter, Behance or any other social platform should be used to accomplish your dream.

Learn how to improve your skills from any opportunity given and practice everyday, everywhere with anything you have in hand. Learn how to spend your money on quality software, quality tools, books or courses (online or in class), invest time in friendships with smart and creative people.

Create a habit

Make a habit of practicing everyday. Exercise your skills and always try to challenge your mind to do more than what you are comfortable with. Take a break from time to time to look back and see the evolution. Feel proud of yourself and then do more.

Here is a short list of creative websites I’m following that may help you get started in the graphic design business or creating inspiration boards:












Thank you for taking time to read my article. I hope it helps you make an idea of what an artist should do in the first years of work as a graphic designer. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.